Rental Management

We have a large database of people who wants to rent holiday homes in Spain. We also advertise in the most visited Internet portals for renting out homes in Spain. We can help you manage the property while you are away. From basic to more comprehensive services such as full supervision, maintenance and rental of your property, key servicing, repairs and cleaning. When you decide to rent out your property, we guarantee that it is in good hands. We ensure that your property gets the best possible care. When the guests have left, you can confidently know that your home has been respected and well taken care of. Spain has followed several other countries regarding taxation of rentals. You are entitled to deduct all direct costs and amortization of the property's purchase price, as well as everything you decorate the home with. Obviously we have good knowledge of all regulations, and we have professional staff who can also help you.with all matters related to tax etc. With our personal, yet professional approach, your home in safe hands! Should your property require minor or major repairs, we have skilled craftsmen at your disposal.