Interested in buying a holiday home...?

How we work

We go through your requests via phone, email or through personal meeting in Nerja. We are looking for suitable items according to your requirements, in our network. We present only the items that are relevant and interesting to you. If you are interested, we will arrange a personal tour. If you are unable to visit us, we can arrange viewing through recorded video or FaceTime / Skype / Facebook. Many other brokers in Nerja are working with multiple stakeholders, simultaneously, which can cause you to feel like "just one in the crowd." We choose to work concentrated with a small number of prospective buyers, which means that we can focus on you and your needs to a greater extent. This means that you will only be offered viewing of homes that we know will meet your requirements. If you come here for the first time and want a guided tour of the area, we are happy to accommodate you.


We co-operate with local banks in Nerja and can assist with financing.


Buying a property in Spain can be a relatively simple process. Once you have found your ideal property, it is usually a three-step process.


When agreement is reached on the purchase price and the timetable for the purchase is set, you are expected to put a "señal" or a down payment, on the property (usually around 3,000). This ensures the price of the property and remove it from the market.


About two weeks after you have reserved the property (paid a deposit), a full contract is written. The contract sets out all the terms of the purchase, including the payment date and the final entry date to the property. Usually a deposit of 10% is paid at this time.


The day when the purchase is completed and you get access to the property. This is done in consultation with a notary. The remaining purchase price is paid, and the deed is signed. A title deed is then sent to the local Spanish Land Registry for registration of change of ownership. On this occasion all taxes and fees has to be paid (according to Spanish law). This is all done under supervision of a lawyer.